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Rhythm Society: Secret Society 2007.09.22

22 sep 2007

A departure from the usual RS event, this one explored the concept of a secret society, so we decorated the front entrance of the event like a chinese laundromat to conceal our deviant activities within. This set was played 2nd after the ceremony, around 1:30am. Deep, driving, electro-tech house and breaks with plenty of spankin' bass. So very naughty.


Track list:

Higher Than A Skyscraper (Twitch & Sweat Mix) - Hybrid
Inferior - Stefan Anion
Dusted (Si Begg's Buckfunk 3000 Remix) - LeftField Roots Manuva
Ghetto Music (Filthy Mix) - LoFi Rebel
Angels (Santo's Another Planet Mix) - ILS
Feedback welcome - Timo Maas
Housequake - Mike Monday
Frenzeed Funk - Luis Paris
I Get By (Mike Monday Remix) - Groovehunter
Inside My Head (Original Mix) - West London Deep Feat. The Sic Man
Future Movement - The Visitors
Rumpfunk - Mike Monday
Toxic Nation (Mike Monday Dub) - Jack Addiicts
Dirty Laundry (Tom Middleton Dub Remix) - Bitter:Sweet
Tongue Tied - West London Deep
Who Is It? (Mike Monday Remix) - Chopstick & Spoiled


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