Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Breakfast of Champions 2008.01.01

1 jan 2008

Once again, New Years Day, and The Space Cowboys know how to pack em in. More punchy funk in the morning.


Track list:

Sgt. Pepper's Paradise (Beatles vs. Guns N' Roses) - Jimmi Jammes
Don't Fear (Piraz Goes Dub) - Bronx Story
I Know - Hi Phazers
My Love (Diego Ray Incredible Mix) - Kortezman
The Jimmy Jam (The Sound Republic's Government Cheese Mix) - Chris Grant
Keepin' On - Bushy
Front 2 Back - Playgroup
Super Jam - All Good Funk Alliance
Chase Your Tail (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - Rephrase featuring Vandal
Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys - Lo-Fidelity Allstars
Funky-Ass Beat (Joey Youngman Heat Index Remix) - Chuck Love
Are You Talking To Me (Fort Knox Five Mix) - Torpedo Boyz
{Brad filled in a track here for me as one of the CD decks died after a partier having too good of a time dumped her cocktail into it}
Love Foolosophy (Knee Deep's Re-Edit) - Jamiroquai


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