Friday, January 09, 2009

Ghostship 2008.11.01

1 nov 2008

The day of the dead. Costume party. Ghostship. The Space Cowboys, the Flaming Lotus Girls, Therm, Kinetic Steamworks, Brass Tax, Deep End, House of Lotus, and countless other Burning Man spectacle regulars. Oh, and it was on Treasure Island. 3000 of our closest friends piled over the bridge to this night time no-mans land to get freaky. Our flag was flying high. I started up the night with a touch of funk and groove.


Track list:

Hard To Stop/ Feelgood - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Slingshot Boogie (Feature Cast Mix) - All Good Funk Alliance
Super Jam - All Good Funk Alliance
SBC - All Good Funk Alliance vs Neighbour feat. Wax Romeo
Pistachio Ride - Neighbour
Chase Your Tail (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - Rephrase featuring Vandal
Electrik Boogie (Fort Knox Five Remix) - Ursula 1000
The Spirit of 75 - Fort Knox Five
The Jimmy Jam (The Sound Republic's Government Cheese Mix) - Chris Grant
Penny Slots - The Sound Republic
Pimp - The Sound Republic


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