Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Breakfast of Champions 2009.01.01

1 jan 2009

SF's finest New Year's Day funky freak fest. Change is in the air, and so is the bass. After years of playing this event, I've come to realize what this crowd wants more than anything else... dirty bass, and lots of it. This is the one time of year 3am acid house kills it at 10am.


Track list:

Rumpfunk - Mike Monday
Acid Boom - Joel Harrison
Still Funky (Acid Noodle) - Chuck Love
Return To Sqirrel Mountain (The Sound Republic Remix) - Jacob London
To The Left - King Unique
Chop Shop (Macca Remix) - DJ Dan
Rockin Down (Dirty Mix) - Alexkid
Tongue Tied - West London Deep
Pistachio Ride - Neighbour
Front 2 Back - Playgroup
The Jimmy Jam (The Sound Republic's Government Cheese Mix) - Chris Grant
Funky-Ass Beat (Joey Youngman Heat Index Remix) - Chuck Love
Penny Slots - The Sound Republic


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